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 Welp, I've just arrived at Incheon International Airport 15 minutes earlier and it's so fucking cold, 5°C.

I'm in the train on my way to the guesthouse.
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 Yay! I haven't post anything for 1++ month. Hahaha! 

Right now I'm trying to organize my TOKIO pictures and stuff in my laptop and preparing for my trip to Seoul next month. 

Also, just got to know that DW is having problem with crossposting from LJ stuff because LJ is being a prick blocked one of the DW servers which made me think that I may as well just stick with DW permanently. I don't even post my entries there anymore except for the TOKIO community. Haha...

On another note, I've been planning to post a TOKIO picspam that I wrote last year but have not finished it yet because I'm being lazy as fuck. Maybe I will try to finish it this year for their anniversary which is going to be a looooonnnnggg ass post. D:
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 Welp, they are going to give me a new job contract. Not sure if I want to accept it or not since it's not really much. They offer me a small increment and a little benefits. But it's better than nothing, right? 
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God, It's been a while since I updated my blog. Well, for this new year 2017, I would like to post more on LJ. Hopefully, I'll be able to post at least once a week.

There's so much happening in my life for the past 5 years. Jobs, illnesses, struggles, deaths of my parents within a year, sadness, financial struggles, moving out from my old house, finding a job again, travelling... Life has been colorful for me.

I hope I can get through this year too with an open heart and mind. I'm going to find another job too since my contract with the current company I work for has expired. Wish me luck guys!
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It's soooo pretttyyyy. I didn't noticed the layout before. I have to look through all the layout available on LJ. My LJ now looks so ladylike and pretty pretty flower as borders and all. (*3*) I'm in love with my layout. <3<3<3 Thanks to the designer! Here's some Internet cookies for you!

Also it's been two weeks since I worked at new place. I'd say it was okay. I have a lot of things to learn and get used to the systems and the environment. I have to write manuals for the system I've learned for future reference. (>.<) Yes, I can do it. Ganbare Me!

On 25th November 2011, I'll be going to Thailand with my BFF, but I haven't applied for my leave yet because the company hasn't added me in the online leave application system. (>.>) And I haven't collected my renewed passport. I was supposed to collect it on the 10th but due to work I have to postponed it to another date. Huh...
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[Diuds and diudettes, spoilers are coming your way. You’ve been warned.]

I enjoyed it. I’ve had an entertaining evening with my BFF even though I got stuck in the train which was not driven by Kareena fortunately when I went back home.

The show started at 3.00 pm and ended around 5.30 pm. There were only two shows available before the official opening. The audience was responsive and nobody got up after the film ended because there was a little making of during the end credits.

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This week will be a busy week. Need to go to the Times Square to buy some souvenirs for my friends for this upcoming convocation day, then there is a public holiday on Wednesday, on Friday there is rehearsal for convocation day and dinner for those who will be graduating the next day (still need to figure out how the hell can I get there without transportation, guess I have to travel by bus then). And then the Convocation day is on Saturday. Yay! So excited! I feel like I wanna post a song which Heikeha sang on SCP "Graduation".

The big event is actually on next week. I finally got a job and the company is just nearby my house and I can just walk from home! Whee! \(^_^)/ Alhamdulillah! So, the expense for public transportation has been eliminated. I am excited because it seems like something I want to do. And I hope that I can stick to the job for a few years.
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I saw a poll today on Arama about which group comes to mind when you think of 'Johnny'? and I saw that TOKIO ranked at number, what, 15. I am actually glad that they are ranked low in the list because the first time I got to know them was through Nagase when I watched My Boss My Hero (heh, popular choice to get to know TOKIO through the vocalist's drama). :P

At that time I've never heard of Johnny's Entertainment and its idols. To be really honest, I never really care about Johnny's idols and TOKIO for me is like a standalone band without Johnny's label attached to them and I still stand behind that sentiment. Of course, when they released their albums/singles/DVDs we saw Johnny's logo being plastered all over the place. But that's just a name and not more than that. TOKIO could bein any other entertainment agency and I am sure they will still remain the same.

They do their own stuff, sometimes break the rules, being badass, being the biggest perverts and remain relax and laidback about it. The fact that their 'don't give a damn' attitude about ranking and being in a rat race are what make them awesome. They may not appeal to these sections of idol-worship fans but for me who is living outside of Japan think that they are awesome enough as a band.

Of course I would like them to be more popular in the music charts but NOT in Johnny's idols polls because let's face it, when you have a band who states that being nude as their official uniform, do you really think that they will still act as idol? Watch The Tetsuwan DASH! if you want proof. XDD Or maybe a certain ad which featured the wild yet cute frontman wearing his innerwear and shoved his crotch on to the TV screen for the brand promotion in a morning breakfast show.

Among other things are their Leader standing in their dressing room wearing only his underwear while waiting for someone to come into the room or maybe the vocalist always flipping the bird to the audience in their concerts. Yeah, so much for being idol-like. Like the OP on the Arama said, "Contrary to the results, when I think of 'Johnny' the image that comes to mind is a shady old man sitting in his apartment looking through his list of 'boys' -- I mean, idols." and TOKIO is not one of them.

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 Ah, I've just started a new phase of my life. So, it's something I look forward to. Plus, I am going to go to Thailand! Woohoo! It'll be a trip for 3 days and 2 nights. This will be exciting. I am going to take lots of pictures when I get there. Whee! 

Also, I've just got a new job. But at the same time, I'm waiting for another job offer. Hopefully, I can decide which job I will take. It's so damn hard to choose between the two jobs. But I'd prefer to work nearby my house. It's easier for me to go back home early.

And on the fandom front, well not much is happening right now. Waiting for TOKIO new single or *cough*album/concert DVD*cough* to come out. I guess right now I will just have to content myself with the weekly DASH and 5LDK. D: Or maybe some random videos posted on TOKIO comm by the lovely members. *GROUP HUGS*

My creativity has gone a bit rusty. I want to make something creative today, but I don't know what. :PP Need to practice my photo editing skills again. It's been a while since I have edited something useless. XD Maybe when I have time, I'll do it.
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I've watched two movies recently. One Japanese/Korea movie and another one was an English movie. Okay, the movies are Seoul starring Nagase Tomoya and Choi Min Soo and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 starring the usual but grown up casts of Harry Potter.


I will just brief you guys and later I will write longer reviews for these movies. Both of them were awesome. A lot of suspense and actions which I can tolerate and not too gruesome. Emotionally satisfying and engaging and not to mention intense. Boy, I love it when movies I watched managed to evoked feelings that are certainly not mine.


I forgot to mention, I've also watched Buzzer Beat. I'll talk about it later. All I can say is...I'll say it later. :P Let's see what else I've watched during the last few months...oh, yeah! I've seen The A-Team-The Movie. It was speedy and action-oriented obviously. Damn, I've seen quite a lot of movies lately. Too much time on my hands. Not good.

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The last time I watched a Japanese drama was in last year, Unubore Deka starred by Nagase Tomoya, Ikuta Toma and Nakashima Mika. It was about a detective who was so desperate for love that he falls in love with the criminals in the drama at first sight. Hehe...I just can't imagine Nagase being rejected outright by women because I mean looking at him, I don't think any woman would reject such a fine GQMF.

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Hah! Finally, I've just finished my final year in KPMB, waiting for my result. Yay! I remember the first time I walk into the college, my first impression was....huh, it looked...small and ancient. :P When I stepped into the hostel, it looked even...ancient and I got a skyscraper room (third floor). Yes, awesome. >.< But later I got into the first floor room because of a delicate problem that I have. :P Woohooo! Such an amazing advantage.

My roommates at that time were, Zarid, Nazreen, Dilla, Ramlah and another one who I forgot her name, sorry. :P They were kind to me and maybe a little afraid of me because I'm a quiet person, which made my face a little arrogant. However, we got along well at the end. During that semester, I had my first raya puasa function at the college. It was quite bland to be honest.
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Shit! I haven't finish my assignments yet. And I'm supposed to submit the damn assignments on Monday. MONDAY?! What am I gonna do?! I hope I can get it done ontime. :( I am so screwed.

And what SRK has got anything to do with it? Nothing. :p I just like to mention his name, that's all. Actually, I do want to post something about SRK. This: (a small picspam) XD

Random picspam :P )
I felt better...XD how about you?

Watched: Avatar (not as good as I expected to be but entertaining).

Haven't seen but want to: Polar Express, Coraline (please tell me what you guys think about these movies).
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So, I think My Name Is Khan is due to release around midnight today worldwide. Or has it already been released? hmm.. I dunno. but one thing for sure is that....I WANT TO WATCH IT!!!!! AARRGHHH! it's been a long time since I've seen RNBDJ about one and half year ago, and damn it i missed SRK, and Kajol too onscreen. T___T
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Today, I woke up in the morning, thinking on how to make my life more exciting. I have some ways which I thought it would work if I try it upon myself. First, make jokes with friends. Laugh maniacally when they tell stories even if it's not funny. Second, running across the streets full of vehicles back and forth. Unless you want to commit suicide, you can stop in the middle of the road. Third, observe an army of ants in front of you and try talk to them about your days as a human being. Fourth, give your friends a pervert piece of advice. But try avoid getting a black eye or two in the process. Fifth, run into walls on purpose and then jump at one place in front of the walls. Sixth, buzz your friends at YM and log out immediately after that. Seventh, swim in your bed in various styles and act like you are drowning and shouts for help.

Yes, these should do it. My life is exciting.
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I hope against hope that my previous resolutions have been fulfilled and I pray to God that I won't step backwards from where I am right now. It's too cumbersome to catch all those dreadful moments all over again. I hope that all the events happened in this year won't be repeated in the next year. I HOPE, I HOPE, I HOPE....
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...Like when you've got something stuck in your mind and couldn't let it out. It happens all the time.
   Like when we tried to do something right but we still got it wrong. It happens all the time.
   Like you wanted to say sorry but ended up being in a really stupid fight. It happens all the time.
   Like when you always forget something big but remember the small ones clearly. IT HAPPENS ALL THE FUCKIN' TIME.

So if you wanted to do something, just do it.
If you wanted to say something, just say it now.

Because life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you gonna get.
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'Sup...first of all, I gotta say I'm bad at writing journals.

Secondly,  I usually will go blur when someone ask me a question. But ask anyway. XD

Thirdly, it's my first post, and I have nothing to say.

So, nice to meet you.


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