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I saw a poll today on Arama about which group comes to mind when you think of 'Johnny'? and I saw that TOKIO ranked at number, what, 15. I am actually glad that they are ranked low in the list because the first time I got to know them was through Nagase when I watched My Boss My Hero (heh, popular choice to get to know TOKIO through the vocalist's drama). :P

At that time I've never heard of Johnny's Entertainment and its idols. To be really honest, I never really care about Johnny's idols and TOKIO for me is like a standalone band without Johnny's label attached to them and I still stand behind that sentiment. Of course, when they released their albums/singles/DVDs we saw Johnny's logo being plastered all over the place. But that's just a name and not more than that. TOKIO could bein any other entertainment agency and I am sure they will still remain the same.

They do their own stuff, sometimes break the rules, being badass, being the biggest perverts and remain relax and laidback about it. The fact that their 'don't give a damn' attitude about ranking and being in a rat race are what make them awesome. They may not appeal to these sections of idol-worship fans but for me who is living outside of Japan think that they are awesome enough as a band.

Of course I would like them to be more popular in the music charts but NOT in Johnny's idols polls because let's face it, when you have a band who states that being nude as their official uniform, do you really think that they will still act as idol? Watch The Tetsuwan DASH! if you want proof. XDD Or maybe a certain ad which featured the wild yet cute frontman wearing his innerwear and shoved his crotch on to the TV screen for the brand promotion in a morning breakfast show.

Among other things are their Leader standing in their dressing room wearing only his underwear while waiting for someone to come into the room or maybe the vocalist always flipping the bird to the audience in their concerts. Yeah, so much for being idol-like. Like the OP on the Arama said, "Contrary to the results, when I think of 'Johnny' the image that comes to mind is a shady old man sitting in his apartment looking through his list of 'boys' -- I mean, idols." and TOKIO is not one of them.

Date: 2011-09-14 06:58 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] didihime.livejournal.com
Woot! Tak tidur lagi ek!? XDDD Nice view about the topic. I read through the comments in there... yeah TOKIO have that image of non idol attached to them. That's what makes them different from other Johhnys. When they started in the beginning they were idol like but I'm glad they changed themselves over the years. But sometimes I wanna see them dance on the stage once in a while harhar! XD

I also think even though they aren't really idol like but a Johnnys is still a Johnnys. I would like to think that Johnny label is like a ticket. With having a Johnny's label on them actually helps them surviving through the music industry until now like involves in acting, theatre, variety shows etc *but this is not the only reason though* We won't know for sure if they started out as somebody in different agencies, they would get to where they are now or be together as a band in the first place. But why think of things that have never happen, right? Haha.

Dah download & tengok Over Plus? *tgh nyumpah connection yg embap skrg*

Date: 2011-09-15 05:56 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] elimeten.livejournal.com
Ngahaha! Mata tak boleh nak tutup. :P Yeah, they started out as idols. But then, that didn't worked out for them. They tried to be somebody they are not. Hence, the change.

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Eceh...Ber'idiom' pulak saya. XDDD If TOKIO weren't under Johnny's Agency, they would still able to survive because it really depends on them not Johnny. They are attached to Johnny no doubt about it but it looks like they are being side-stepped. If they were not, they would be as popular as SMAP by now. Take EXILE for example, they are not under Johnny yet they still can survive. About acting, theatre and variety shows, well they can still do it if they wanted to and I don't think other agencies wouldn't allow them to do what they want.

Where newer Johnny's idols like Arashi and Kanjani 8 are being promoted left, right and center during their album releases, concerts and DVD promotions, TOKIO only get what, 3-in-1 live DVD in a single promotion. Heh, packaged much?

Br download 2 file. Besar seh...*pon tgh menyumpah seranah connection ni*


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